Holiday Hours – 2014

Christms Eve

Our Holiday Hours for December 2014 & January 2015

December 24th – 10am – 6pm

December 25th – Closed

December 31st – 10am – 6pm

January 1st – 12pm – 10pm

15% Off All Kimbers In Stock!*

Kimbers Now through January 1, 2015 we are taking 15% off all Kimbers in stock!*One of the best and most respected names in 1911s! And we carry more Kimbers in stock than anyone else in northern New Jersey! We are no taking 15% off all tagged prices on all Kimbers in stock. There has never been a better time to get yourself a Kimber!


* Sale does not include Clearance guns or Kimber Royal II.


25% Off All Knives and ATI Stocks!

25% off all knives and ATI stocks!
Now through January 1, 2015 we are taking 25% off all knives and ATI Stocks currently in inventory!Looking for stocking stuffers? Need to fill some space under the tree? Or perhaps you want to fulfill that New Years resolution to shoot more! Why not pick up some knives and ATI stocks for the ones you love! …Or for yourself!Stop in today! This sale is limited to inventory that is currently in stock!

RTSP Winter Event Schedule

Winter Events

From December 8, 2014 through March 2, 2015

Off-Hand Monday

Every shooter is given a target and is allowed one shot at 15 yards… With their off hand! So if you are right handed you will be shooting with your left hand. And yes -it has to be a one-handed shot. The closest shot to the bullseye wins a $25 credit. The winner will be announced on Tuesday via Facebook and Instagram! #offhandmonday

Winter Competition Night

No leagues! Just you against the world! From 6pm to 8pm, we will dedicate four ports to competing shooters. If you are interested in participating leave your name and email address with a clerk or email us. (Download the Winter Competition rules here.) #rtspwintercompetition

Women’s Winter Wednesday

We are going to dedicate four ports from 6pm to 10pm just for women! We will have instructors on hand to offer instruction if need be or just general tips for free! Plus, all women will shoot for $5 dollars during those hours! #rtspwomenswednesday

Thunder Thursday

Like to shoot your rifle and shotguns? Bring ‘em in on Thursdays from 6pm to 10pm and make some noise in the rifle range without paying the $5 rifle add-on fee! #rtspthunderthursday

First-Timer’s Friday

Never been to RTSP? Do you have a friend, husband, brother, or cousin who has never been to RTSP? From 6pm to 9pm on Fridays we will wave port fees for all First Time visitors to RTSP! #rtspfirsttime

Back By Overwhelming Popular Demand! Stop the Zombie Apocalypse at RTSP!


The only thing that stands between a world overrun by walking corpses and the salvation of humanity is you! (…no pressure.)

We have multiple zombie scenarios in our Digital Simulator, and we are featuring them at $25 per half hour.

We turn of the lights, turn on the Digital Simulator, let you arm up, and the rest is up to you. Are you skilled enough to take down shambling hordes of the walking dead with head shots only?

No reservations needed, our Digital Simulator is available during our standard hours of operation. Stop in today and try it out! It’s a blast!

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Stop In and Try Out the HK VP9!


You’ve been asking for it… So here it is! The HK VP9 is now available in our rental inventory!

Since it’s release Heckler & Koch’s VP9 has been one of the most sought after handguns in our inventory. We’ve had a hard time getting them, and a harder time keeping them in stock when they do come in.

We decided to offer one to everyone and put next one that came in straight into our rental inventory. This way everyone can see why these guns have been in such high demand.

Stop in today and rent the VP9 for $10!




Every 3rd Sunday we will be hosting official USPSA matches.

Check in will start at 4:30pm, and matches will run from 6pm to 10pm, and will utilize both of our ranges.

These matches are open to all levels of shooters – regardless if you have shot USPSA before or not. Everyone is welcome!

For more information and to register click HERE. If you are interested in participating you must register via online registration prior to the match. Registration will open 2 weeks prior to a match. Registration is capped at 30 participants, so sign-up early!


If you are interested in USPSA, but have never participated, we offer a monthly course for all of you that are just getting started.  For more information and to register for this class click HERE

We strongly recommended that anyone who is interested in attending a match, but have never done so, take this class. It will give you a full run down of everything you will need and can expect in a standard USPSA match. The class is held every 3rd Saturday of the month (the evening prior to a match here at RTSP), this course will give you all of the information you need to effectively take part in an official USPSA match.
In the meantime you can check out our video from our proof of concept match that was held on September 21st.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

We Have NJ Concealment Furniture In Stock!

Concealment Furniture

Did you know that we are currently the only dealer for NJ Concealment Furniture?

We offer their full line of products – as well as a few specialty items not found in their catalog.

Each piece offers secure storage, easy access, and does it will hiding your possessions in plain sight so you can get to them in an an emergency.

All pieces are hand made and fit easily with any decor. Come in and check out our selection. Also feel free to stop by their website to see their full line of products and for more information.


We Now Have G2 Research RIP Ammo In Stock!

RIP AmmoYou’ve heard about it. You’ve asked about it. It’s now here, and we have it in stock!It has been long known in the medical industry that a trocar point penetrates the dermis layer more efficiently. It is the use of this geometry at the front end of the projectile that does specific work at the point of entry from one system to the next. Dependent on the medium the projectiles geometry is designed to react differently.In a fluid the projectile fragments. Due to the trocar geometry of each petal the resulting diameter of the fragmentation pattern is maximized. The trocar tips allow the fragments to swim through tissue / gel with less resistance thus conserving energy. The cross sectional thicknesses and geometries also create a full 180 degree flip halfway along each of the 8 petals path. The resulting shock wave and wound path is maximized. The result is devastating.Due to demand these are selling fast. Stop in and get yours today. Available in .380, 9mm, and .45 ACP.

We Now Carry American Sheepdog Patches!

American SheepdogWe now carry American Sheepdog PVC and fabric patches.American Sheepdog is a New Jersey based company founded by a former United States Marine and current Law Enforcement officer. It is a family run business and we are honored to be offering their products. Stop in and check out these top quality patches yourself.Stop in today and check them out for yourself. These are proving to be very popular and or existing inventory is moving fast!

Introducing: Practical Revolver!

RevolverWe would like to introduce a new class: Practical Revolver.We know there are a lot of revolver shooters out there, and we get requests for a class dedicated to revolvers on a regular basis. Well, we’ve been listening.Practical Revolver will cover:• Revolver grip• Dry practice drills• Reloading• Use of speed strips and speed loaders• Cylinder indexing• Live fire exercises…and moreClasses will begin on August 15th and will be held every other Friday.Click HERE for more information and to register:

FN PS90 – Now In Our Rental Inventory!

PS90You’ve been asking for it… So, here it is: the FN PS90 now available in our rental inventory!One of the most unique bull pup rifles available – The PS90 is chambered in the 5.7x28mm cartridge. It utilizes blowback operation and fires from a closed bolt for greater accuracy and reliability. The barrel is equipped with an integrated muzzle brake to reduce recoil. Equipped with dual magazine latches, cocking handles and an innovative synthetic thumbhole stock make the PS90 completely ambidextrous! Add to this a factory-mounted red dot for faster target acquisition and you one Hell of a rifle!Stop in an try it today! For $60.00 you can rent the PS90 with a fully loaded 50-round mag. Additional loaded 50-round mags can be rented at $30 each.

Introducing Our Loyalty Program!

4th of JulyJust when you thought being a member couldn’t get any better… it does! Introducing the RTSP Loyalty Program! Starting July 1st you can earn in-store credits with each purchase that can be used towards the purchase of any product we offer.

Members will receive in-store credit with every purchase!
3% credit on all accessories!
2% credit on all ammo!
1% credit on all firearm!

And as a member you don’t have to do anything to enroll. Enrollment is automatic with your membership status!

…Are you not a member? Don’t worry, you can still opt in to the program and receive 1% credit on all purchases.*

Credits are applied to your account on the 1st of every month based on the prior month’s spending.

*Some restrictions apply.

Personal Firearms Storage Lockers Are Now Available!

LockersOur Personal Firearms Storage Lockers are now available and ready to use!Are you worried about NJ’s “Reasonable Deviation” Law? Are you running out of room storing your firearms at home? Is your spouse concerned about storing firearms at home? Do you want to shoot on your lunch break? RTSP is now the only range in NJ to offer on-site personal Firearm storage lockers. All lockers are access controlled and under video surveillance. They are made of industrial strength steel, and include HMC high security tubular locking systems.

Large11 5/8″ x 17″ x 68 1/2″$75/month Medium11 1/2″ x 17″ x 34 3/8″$55/month Small11″ x 14 3/4″ x 13 7/8″$35/month

This storage program is exclusive to RTSP Members only. Space is limited – we only have 240 lockers available! Come in to our store today to register.

Introducing Our 101 Series of Classes!

101 SeriesRTSP is proud to announce a whole new curriculum of courses: our “101” courses. These are designed to be simple, straightforward, introductory style courses that are great for getting a sense of tactics, mind-set, and attitude. They also serve as a great lead-in to our more advanced training. These classes are designed not only with the beginner in mind, but for those with more experience that may want to brush up on their skills and stay fresh. So regardless of your reasons for seeking out training, or your level of experience, we have classes for you.We have also changed our policy for drawing from the holster on the range. If you want to be able to draw from the holster when you come and shoot you no longer need to take our 2-Day Defensive Handgun Skills course. The prerequisite is now our 2-hour class “Drawing From the Holster: 101.”Dates of classes will be posted very soon. That said – aside from having scheduled classes these courses can be booked as 1-on-1 trainings or impromptu classes for groups to fit your schedule!Click HERE for more information or to book a class.

Check out our Clearance Section!

ClearanceWe are very proud to announce a new section to our online store: Clearance. But unlike the Clearance department in some stores ours isn’t filled with undesirables. With the likes of FNH, Kimber, Magnum Research, Colt, and Kriss this is not a Clearance section to be easily dismissed! How deep are the discounts on these guns? …Deep! You aren’t ever going to see prices like this around here – even when guns are on sale!So how does it work? If you find a firearm in our Web Store Clearance section print out the page, bring it in, and you will receive the discounted price.How do you get to the Clearance section? Navigate to our Firearms On Hand Inventory. Once there you can choose your section: Handguns, Revolvers, Rifles, and Shotguns. At the top of each section is our Clearance selection.It’s as easy as that!

We Are the First NSSF 5-Star Rated Range in New Jersey!

5 StarWe are very proud to announce that we have received the highest honor the National Shooting Sports Foundation can award: RTSP is now officially a 5-Star rated range. Not only that, but we are the only NSSF 5-Star range in New Jersey!The NSSF developed a Five Star rating system for shooting ranges. The rating system is based on their vision of a well-managed, customer-oriented facility that is a strong competitor in the recreation marketplace.To meet NSSF’s criteria of a Five Star facility, a range must demonstrate excellence in all aspects of management and operations. Ranges are rated on appearance, management, customer service, amenities, customer development and community relations.No other range in New Jersey can say that they are a 5-Star (or more) rated range!

We Have STI International Handguns In Stock!

STIAfter almost 5 months of waiting we finally received our first shipment of STI International handguns! 13 in all… and every one of them is the product of true craftsmanship! Clean crisp triggers… smooth glassy slides… tight tolerances and lock up… come in and experience what hand crafted firearms feel like. You won’t be disappointed!You won’t be able to find these anywhere else in New Jersey – we are the only STI retailer in the state. So stop by today!

Members Now Receive 5% off on all Gun Purchases!*

5%Being a Member has always had its privileges! Discounts on ammo, 10% off on all accessories and never having to pay port fees, just to name a few. Now, we are making our Membership even BETTER.Effective immediately, all Members will receive 5% off all FIREARMS!*Membership truly does have its privileges!!!!*Excluding Glock Blue Label and Sale Items.

RTSP Partners With Spartan Group!

5%Spartan Group, the foremost leader in basic and advanced tactical training, is proud to announce its exciting new partnership with RTSP of Randolph, New Jersey, the premier indoor firearms and self-defense training facility of its kind.  This alliance brings together premier instruction and premier service making for a truly one-of-a-kind training experience. Spartan Group was founded by members of the United States Military Special Operations Community to address the emerging threats of crime, terrorism and violence around the globe.  After almost two decades of service to corporate, law enforcement and military clients, Spartan Group now offers their unparalleled instruction to the public through this exclusive partnership with RTSP.Click HERE to learn more about this fantastic new partnership, the instructors, and course offerings.

We Have a Huge Selection of LWRCs in Stock!

LWRCsHave you ever wanted an LWRC? Now is the time to buy one.We have M6A2s, ICs, Six8’s, and REPRs in stock and in various colors and with various accessories! …We are bursting at the seams with inventory, and nothing runs like an LWRC! However, once Colt starts producing them they wont be the same. Now really is the best time to by one.So, come in today and check out our huge selection of LWRCs. And if you aren’t sure which model to get our staff will help you choose the perfect LWRC for you.

A New Program at RTSP: Concealed Carry Weekends

LWRCsWe are offering our NRA First Steps Pistol every other weekend.  Each following weekend we will be offering our Utah Non-Resident CCW Course and Florida Non-Resident CCW Course back-to-back – or what we like to call our “Concealed Carry Weekend.”Why would you need a non-resident Florida CCW if you had the Utah Non-Resident CCW? Expanded territory. The non-resident Florida CCW covers states that the Utah does not, and vice versa.Florida requires that all applicants show competency in the use of a handgun – NRA First Steps Pistol fulfills that requirement.  So come in one weekend and take NRA First Steps Pistoland apply for your Florida Non-Resident CCW. Then, stay for the afternoon Utah Non-Resident CCW course! One stop shop for your CCW needs!

We Are On Google Maps! Walk Through Our Facility Online!

We are now on Google Maps, and you can walk a virtual tour of each of the three areas of the facility: Store/Range, Training, and the Shoot House.  Take a tour yourself, and then come on by and see us in person.  Click HERE to experience the walk through.

NRA Instructors: We Are Here For You

Why teach your students classroom instruction at one location just to transport them to another for live-fire instruction.  We have a facility that is ideally suited to your needs.  We have 5 class rooms of varying sizes to accommodate different class sizes; we have a total of 21 ports;  we can accommodate rifle, shotgun , and handguns; we have a cafe from lunches and breaks; and we have free wi-fi.


We Sell All Manufacturers of Firearms!

RTSP has the largest inventory of handguns, tactical shotguns, and rifles in northern New Jersey. All of our firearms are NJ compliant! We carry everything from Glock, Beretta, Springfield, Kimber, Sig Sauer, CZ-USA, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, LWRCI, POF and more!

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RTSP is proud to announce exclusive Master Dealership with Wilson Combat, Ed Brown and Nighthawk Custom! Please click the links above to see what firearms we have ordered that will be coming to the store soon!

Gift Cards!

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“…As to the species of exercise, I advise the gun. While this gives a moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body, and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks.”

Thomas Jefferson