See what people are saying about RTSP!

“My new home away from home! I have been to dozens of ranges across the country so when I say RTSP is a professionally run state-of-the-art range with one of the best ventilation systems out there today I mean it. The 21 lane range is well laid out and even on busy days there is plenty of room to “work”. The staff is top notch & RSO’s are spot on managing the shooters and helpful with any technical/mechanical issues. The shop is great! They have a large variety of firearms, as well they now have some custom guns fresh from the Shot Show 2012. I cannot stress how professionally it is run & maintained. Great job guys!” – Ira G.


“A HUGE thanks to Brad today for hooking me up with my very first purchase!!!! I can now say that I am officially an owner of one very cool Ruger SR9c!!!” – Melissa M.


“RTSP is a nice place to shoot super friendly staff & knowledgeable.” – Brian D.


“Awesome place to shoot indoors. Location is clean and has an awesome ventilation system. Pro-Shop is pretty solid and has a pretty good inventory. The staff is super friendly which is a refreshing change of pace – I am not used to experiencing anything other then the “tactical scowl” and arrogant knowledge of other shops and ranges. Best of all, there is no cranky old man pissing and moaning like a certain other range that will remain nameless. Finally a place that is safe and most of all, fun.” Jared C.

“I checked out and did some shooting for the first time tonight at RTSP. Nice range, nice people. Clean and well maintained. I only wish they were open more nights until 10PM. (and had a few more ports) Looking forward to going back with more of my “toys.” All my bros in the West Essex area should check it out. ;)” – Robert M.


“I just want everyone to know what a great staff there is at RTSP. We always enjoy our ‘Sunday Morning Family Shooting Time’, but this past Sunday, the staff really went above and beyond to help us out. When we were done at the range we went to start the car and… ‘click, click, click…’ no dice. I went back inside to see if someone could help us out with a jump start and Rick was out the door before I was. To make a long story short, we got back on the road in short order thanks to Rick and the rest of the fantastic staff at RTSP. I can’t say enough nice things about them. Thanks again guys!” – Greg N.


“Went to RTSP today with my son. What a great shooting experience! Rick was super nice as was the range master. Can’t wait to go again.” – Doug B.


“My wife enjoyed our new shooting club! Thanks RTSP – Range, Firearms & Training! Greatest owners and management, they make you feel extremely welcomed.” – AJ S.


“Finally a range close by. Great place to go shoot. Nice, funny, helpful accommodating staff. Comfortable waiting area if you have to wait for a stall to open up. A+++++++++” – Jennifer A.

“Great shooting range, the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous. The lanes themselves are spacious and the target system is digital thus accurate & fast. (I really like that each staff member had their name on their shirts displayed, a small detail which made it that much easier to interact with them). I’m a beginner and had with me a complete gun virgin. Brad took the time to go through each step without condescending to us and with lots of humor. They have a good selection of firearms and the facility is clean and spacious (complimentary coffee to boot). Renting out guns is always an expensive affair, however RTSP is more than reasonable. We had 4 in our group and rented 2 guns with ammo and still came out way under $200. Highly recommend it, especially for the NYC gun deprived crowd (less than an hour away from Manhattan).” – Fanya B.


“Another great day at the range today!!!!! thank you” – Jose R.


“Had a great time shooting yesterday. very safe and professional. they even took care of a jammed gun for us. I recommend the colored bullseyes, they really show your hits.” – Ted P.


“I had a chance to shoot at your indoor range earlier this week. I appreciated the focus on Safety and found the range to be the best indoor I’ve used in the area. It was good to see a RSO actually in there and engaged with the range and shooters while I observed him handle an AD situation in a very professional way. I look forward to shooting there again in the future.” – Lee R.