Cell Team Six – Civilian Ops II


Date: Saturday March 11, 2017

Time: 6-11pm

Cost: $50 per person

This event is part II of the CT6 Civilian Ops format. It is a fun and exciting way to experience the full opportunities that RTSP and Hitman Tactical Solutions has to offer. We have combined the full access of the facility into one package for one unbelievable price. You are getting all areas for the price of one. We are including the gun range, the computer simulation room and the real shoot house. All the training you will need in one package. We have something for everyone. Come alone or bring your friends and family. You will learn from real scenario situations that our team has put together. Learn to protect your loved ones and your home from invaders. Take part in the simulated shoot house with real live fire wiith co2 magfed guns and rubber ammo. Test yout skills and challenge a friend to a 1vs1 or 2vs2 match. If you missed the first event now’s your chance to catch it again. Do not miss out.

5:00pm to 6pm – check in time
6:00pm – orientation
6:30pm to 8pm – shoot house challenges for those who want to participate. Plus the simulation room.
8:00pm to 10pm – full event starts. open rotation to all areas. Gun range, simulation room, and shoot house.

There is a snack bar on site for drinks and snacks. Full bathrooms and TV if needed. Not to mention a full inventory of goodies for purchase.

This event is BYOG and BYOA friendly.
Free gun rental is included if needed and ammo is available for sale if needed. If you’re thinking of taking part in the 1vs1 and 2vs2 you must provide yourself with your own equipment and protection gear. You must also provide yourself with your own mag-fed gun and 12 gram co2 air.




  • Cell Team Six - Civilian Ops will take place on Saturday August 13, 2016.
    If you have any questions, please contact training@rtsponline.com

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