Cerakoting, Compliancy & Custom Work

Cerakote Services – Single Color Only

Semi Auto Pistol Slide (stripped)  $75
Semi Auto Pistol Frame (stripped)  $100
Complete Semi Auto (pins and accents coated as well)  $175
Complete Revolver (pins and accents coated as well)  $175
Complete Semi Auto Rifle (pins and accents coated as well)  $325
Complete Large Frame Semi Auto Rifle (pins and accents coated as well)  $490
AR-15 or Similar Receiver (Stripped Upper or Lower)  $379
AR-10 or Similar Receiver (Stripped Upper or Lower)  $179
Buffer Tubes  $58
Quad Rail (carbine length)  $122
Quad Rail (specter or rifle length)  $143
AR-15 or similar barrel   $108
Scope Rings   $75
Bolt Action Rifle (barrel and action)   $358
Semi Auto Pistol Barrel   $58
Shotgun (barrel and receiver)   $300
Folding Knife Frames   $72
Bipods   $120


  • Disassembly and reassembly fee for handguns, shotguns and bolt rifles that aren’t stripped  $65
  • Disassembly and reassembly fee for semi auto rifles that aren’t stripped  $72
  • Additional for two tone color schemes  $46
  • Custom Airbrushing, stencils, multicolor camo patterns, tiger striping, etc. at $158 per hour after the primary color has been applied

Bolt Action Rifle Services


Barrel Chambering (includes treading for action, chambering, cut to length and standard 11 degree crown)  $330
Action and Bolt Tuning  $220
Barrel Threading $140 
Muzzle Break Installation*  $140- $180
Custom Thread Protector  $75
Epoxy and Pillar Bedding (Using Devcon)  $220
Badger EFR Installation (Embedded Front Rail)  $140
Remington Tactical / Oversized Bolt Knob Conversion**  $100
Re-Crown Barrel (11 Degree Target Crown)   $70
Re-Crown Barrel (Recessed Crown)   $100
Flush Cup and Installation (Price per Cup)  $20
Picatinny Rail for Atlas Bipod Installation (Rail Not Included)   $45
*Muzzle break installation includes threading and cutting. Price does not include muzzle break device.
**Bolt knob conversion service uses PTG bolt knob. A different knob may be provided by customer, at their discretion and cost. This service also includes refinishing.

AR-15 Services


Barrel Threading  $85
Barrel Threading (Attached to Upper Receiver)  $110
Low Profile Gas Block Conversion From Standard FSB  $40

Additional Services

Barrel Polishing (Pistols)  $108
Barrel Polishing (Rifles Under 16″)  $280
Barrel Polishing (Rifles Over 16″)  $420
Trigger Polishing (Pistols and Rifles)  $72
Grip Stippling (Partial)  $168
Grip Stippling (Full)  $193
Full Grip Stippling (With Finger Groove and Backstrap Grinding )  $215

Laser Etching and Engraving


Vector Fee For Any Lettering or Logo Provided  $65
Custom Designing of Any Non Pre-Existing Logo  $72/Hour 
Laser Etching Up to 20 Characters (Up To 1 Inch)  $43 
Crown of Barrel Etching  $36 
Crown of Barrel Engraving  $36
Logos or Other Artwork Etched (Up To 4″)  $65
Lettering Engraved Up To 20 Characters (Up to 1″)  $86
Logo and Artwork Engraved (Up To 4″)  $130 

Compliancy Alterations


 Muzzle Break Installation, Pinning and Welding $125

Magazine Alterations

M4 E-Mags  $20
G-17 Mags  $20
XD 19 Round 9mm Mags  $20
AK-47 Metal Mags  $20
Magpul Pmags  $20
CAA M4 Mags  $20
Tavor Mags  $20
Hera M4 Mags  $20
All Other Mags  $20
Handgun mags that require handmade blocks are an additional $20
and include the following:

CZ 75B
XD 16 round 9mm
XD 16 round .40
Beretta 9mm
FN Five-Seven
FN P90
Sig X series
S&W M&P 9mm

*All firearm transfers or Gunsmith firearms that are not picked up within 30 days will incur a $25.00 per month storage fee.