How to Survive a Carjacking

Length of Course: 2 hours
Tuition: $100.00


What would you do if you were confronted by a carjacker? …It’s easy to say, “I’d just give them my car”.  But what if you had a child in the car?  What if your spouse were in the car? What if the attacker intends to kidnap, sexually assault, or is threatening you with deadly force? What would you do?

In direct response to the world that surrounds us, we are offering a practical look at how to successfully defend yourself against and disarm an armed assailant outside or inside your vehicle. Learn how to minimize your chances of becoming a target and stay safe!

This course is offered on site and indoors. You will be able to use our stationary vehicle to best simulate the scenarios that may be encountered next to, and inside of, a vehicle.

Focus Areas:

  • Situational awareness
  • Maintaining focus in a high stress situation
  • Maximizing effectiveness of action and efficiency of time in order to neutralize an opponent as quickly as possible
  • Utilizing your environment to give yourself a tactical advantage


Class is limited to 30 people.



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