Pistol Flashlight: 101-1

Length of Course: 2 hours
Tuition: $100.00


The pistol flashlight class will serve as an introduction to operating defensively in a no light or low-light situation.

Focus Areas:

  • Various shooting positions using both handheld and weapon mounted light
  • Dry practice exercises
  • Use of flashlight during magazine changes
  • Use of light during malfunctions
  • Live fire shooting
  • Use of night sights

Required Equipment and Supplies:

  • Pistol
  • Holster
  • Belt
  • 50 rounds ammo
  • Handheld or weapon mounted flashlight



  • Classes for Pistol Flashlight: 101-1 are limited to 30 students. If the class you select is filled, we will contact you to reschedule. If you have any questions, please contact training@rtsponline.com

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