Range Rates

RTSP is open to the public. We welcome walk-ins regardless of your shooting experience.  This could be your 1st time shooting, or your 101st time – we will make you feel right at home. You do not need to be a member to shoot here (but membership does have it’s privileges).


Our range rates are:

  • $20 per hour port rental fee ($25 per hour Rifle Port rental fee (applicable only if you are shooting rifle (excluding .22LR) or shotgun)
  • $10 each additional person (up to three people permitted per port)
  • $10 rental fee (handguns)*
  • $20-35 rental fee (rifles)
  • The cost of ammunition (price is dependent on caliber)
  • The cost of a target (price is dependent on target) (targets range from $1.50 – $4.50)
  • $25 Introduction to Shooting fee – recommended for first time shooters or those that need a refresher.  This is a 15 minute live-fire introduction with one of our Range Safety Officers to ensure that you understand the proper function and safe handling of your firearm.
  • Don’t have any eye or ear protection? We can lend you a set at no additional charge!

* The handgun rental fee is per caliber, so if you were to rent one handgun, shoot it, and decide you wanted to try another, you could swap it out at no additional cost if you stay in the same caliber. If you step up or down in caliber, there will be an additional $10 handgun rental fee. So in a sense – you are renting the entire caliber for $10 (this only applies to handgun rentals – not rifle rentals).


Check out our complete list of rental firearms


Groups of two or more, do not need a State Issued Firearms ID Card to rent.  All you need is a current and valid form of government issued photo ID.  …Your Driver’s License is perfect! Single renters must have a state issued Firearms ID card in order to rent a firearm.

Do you have your own firearms and ammo? Not a problem! You can bring your own. All that we ask is that if you are renting any of our firearms, that you purchase ammo at RTSP.

Range Paperwork

All Shooters must fill these forms out before they go onto the range.