Shoot House

RTSP is home to a 2,000 sq. ft. one-of-a-kind two story Shoot House. It has all the fundamental characteristics of a real house, complete with furnished bedrooms and a bathroom. The shoot house also features a school/corporate office hallway, classroom/meeting room, and a three-stalled public bathroom. Participants are guided through the shoot house by a certified instructor and will engage multiple paper targets using either UTM (Universal Training Munitions) Glock 17 or AR-15 platform rifle.

The shoot house is routinely used for law enforcement personnel and home defense training, as well as a team building exercise for corporate outings, or a great way to kickoff a birthday party.

The shoot house is an excellent way to hone your techniques, learn to act under pressure and work with teammates or partner, or just having a great time!


$75 per person (per hour)
$50 Each additional person

What’s included?

  • UTM firearms and ammunition
  • Paper targets
  • Basic instruction by a certified trainer
  • A great time

Are you interested in using our Shoot House for your party?

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Shoot House Tactical Experience

$300 per person (3 hour class)

The RTSP Shoot House is based around a simulated real world experience that is used by both military and law enforcement. For more advanced instruction and an intense experience, we use real role players instead of paper targets. The class begins with instruction utilizing paper targets and then moves into low-light, followed by an intense force-on-force experience with real “bad guys”.

What’s included?

  • UTM firearms and ammunition
  • RTSP Role Players as “Bad Guys”
  • Instruction by a certified trainer