(Pistol 4) Tactical Handgun Skills

Length of Course: 8-12 hours over 4 days
Tuition: $100.00 per day


The Tactical Handgun Skills course is the fourth in the sequence of pistol instruction at RTSP and builds upon the skills found in the Defensive Handgun Skills course. The class is 8-12 hours over 4 days and includes classroom work, hands-on dry practice and live fire drills.

Focus areas:

  • Advanced shooting with movement
  • Advanced shooting with cover/concealment
  • Advanced low light shooting techniques
  • Close quarter/retention shooting
  • Searching/clearing techniques
  • Handgun retention, in and out of the holster

Class Prerequisites:

Successful completion of (Pistol 3) Defensive Handgun Skills or instructor exception.

Required Equipment and Supplies:

  • Eye and ear protection
  • 300 rounds of ammunition
  • Your firearm – which can be either: a semi-automatic pistol with three magazines, spare magazine carrier, a quality strong side holster (no shoulder holsters), and Surefire Z2L, C2L, G2ZL or similar handheld light; OR a revolver with four speed loaders and speed load carriers, a quality strong side holster (no shoulder holsters), Surefire Z2L, C2L, G2ZL or similar handheld light.






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