Advanced Courses

Advanced Pistol Techniques

Length of Course: 6 hours
Tuition: $200.00

The Advanced Pistol Techniques course builds upon the skills found in (Pistol 2) Fundamental Shooting Skills. The class is 6 hours and includes classroom work, hands-on dry practice and live fire drills.

Advanced Rifle

Length of Course: 2-3 hours
Tuition: $200.00

This 4 hour class is designed for the individual utilizing the carbine rifle for protection of the home. Your home presents unique challenges with small rooms, hallways and multiple entry points. Understanding these challenges is a key element in preparing yourself for home protection.

Advanced Shotgun

Length of Course: 2 hours
Tuition: $200.00

Advanced Shotgun is the first of a two-part class series. This class builds on the elements of the RTSP One-on-one Shotgun course and elevates the students understanding of this firearm. When it comes to firepower and home defense, it is hard to beat a well-trained individual with a strong understanding of the shotgun.