Tactical Elite Courses

Expert One-on-one Instruction– (Tier 2)

Length of Course: 2 hours
Tuition: $225.00 for one student

Training with a Tier 2 trainer, takes the student from the individual, team, and close quarters battle environment and teaches them how to apply their skills on a broader range in defense. This training develops the shooting, gun-handling, maneuvering, tactical knowledge and killing ability to function solo, as well as leading small units/teams in an real world operational environments that may exist due to natural disasters or civil unrest. As such, this places your skill set on at a level equivalent with most Tactical Law Enforcement teams.

Practical Shooting Drills

Length of Course: 1 hour
Tuition: $50.00

Run drills designed to enhance and enforce what you have learned under the guidance and supervision of an RTSP instructor. You will be navigating obstacles and barricades while using your environment to your advantage. Engage multiple targets on the move in a dynamic open environment. Experience defensive drills that utilize standard light and low-light environments.

Handgun Master Course

Length of Course: 8 hours over 2 days
Tuition: $299.99

You will reach your highest levels of proficiency through this course as it begins with an Intermediate Handgun Skills Evaluation, and climbs from there. Diagnostic Trigger control, dry practice, and gun handling drills uncover any flaws in your weapon presentation. Repetitive shooting drills will rapidly build speed, accuracy and consistency. Both days start and end with a skills test. Each test intensifies and ultimately ends with the Handgun Master Test.