U.S. Law Shield


U.S. Law Shield

RTSP is excited to announce our alignment with US Law Shield.

RTSP believes that every gun owner should protect themselves from harm, whether the harm should come in the form of a physical threat or the threat to your civil liberties.

US Law Shield provides legal protection to its members from the beginning of any gun related incident, to its final conclusion.

Lawyers from the US Law Shield group will be at RTSP on two dates to answer questions and accept new members. Please inquire today.


Upcoming Courses:

Learn to Save a Life: First Aid for Gunshot Wounds Full Course (3 Hours)

A person that is massively bleeding from a gunshot wound has as little as 3 minutes to live. Don’t just stand there—learn techniques anyone can use to buy the precious time needed until EMS arrives. No prior first aid or medical training is needed! In this course you will learn some of the following:

  • How to treat a gunshot wound to an arm or leg
  • How to treat a gunshot wound to the chest or abdomen
  • How to treat a gunshot wound to the head or neck
  • How to control shock and place a victim into a safe position until EMS arrives

Our Instructors are professionals with years of experience treating these types of injuries on city streets and the battlefield. They have taken the lessons learned from these years of experience and are now teaching them in this course. Our special course was more than 2 years in the making, with the curriculum developed by Rick Hammesfahr, M.D., past chairman of the Curriculum and Examination Board (CEB) for the United States Special Operations Command. Under his guidance, the CEB developed Tactical Medical Emergency protocols and techniques currently being used on the battlefield today.

Guests will receive live instruction from one of our gunshot wound first aid instructors, hands-on demonstrations, and course materials that you can take with you.

Also, be one of the first to own our latest publication, First Aid for Gunshot Wounds, written by Dr. Hammesfahr. Attendees will be notified when the book is available for purchase and will receive it at a discounted price.

This is a limited series of events. Register today before seats are sold out. Please enter both your first and last name for your course certificate.




Come out Saturday March 25th at 1pm to hear the legendary Attorney Evan Nappen teach a two hour seminar on New Jersey Gun Law.  Evan will be covering topics on Illegal firearms and ammunition, loopholes and pitfalls of New Jersey gun law, and a Question and Answer portion where we will address the possible changes coming with new Governor Elect Murphy coming into office and answer any other legal questions you may have.  Click the link below to register today!!!