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RTSP Range-Firearms-Training | What is RTSP?
RTSP is a state of the art 25 yard indoor shooting range and store located in Randolph, New Jersey
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Fall 2011



RTSP is northern New Jersey’s premier indoor shooting range, store, and training facility. We are located in Randolph, New Jersey, and occupy a 35,000 square ft space – which includes a 15,000 square foot training facility, and a 4,000 square ft force-on-force shoot house, a 900 square foot Digital Simulator, and a 900 square foot Dojo. We feature electronic target retrieval systems, 21 roomy ports, a rental inventory consisting of 125 firearms, and we can accommodate all handgun and rifle calibers.  So, if you don’t own a gun and want to try it out, or if you see a gun in our rental section that you’ve always wanted to try, just let us know and it is yours to shoot!  Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help anyone from the novice to expert in gun safety, operation, and sport. We offer one of the largest selections of firearms for sale in the area, but will work with anyone on getting that special gun.


Company Overview

State of the art firearms training facility catering to civilian, law enforcement and military personnel in Northern New Jersey.



It is RTSP’s mission to train people to safely own and enjoy firearms for hunting, sporting and defensive purposes. Through training and education, firearm skills promotes discipline, responsibility and the ability to defend oneself and family.



  • Indoor Rifle and Pistol Range
  • Civilian Defensive Training
  • LEO Training and Certification
  • NRA Certified Firearms Training Courses
  • Firearm Accessories
  • Tactical Simunitions Training
  • Digital Simulation Training